Bulk handling in containers application is dedicated to the specific and demanding needs of the food & beverages, plastic and pharmaceutical industries.

Container Loading System

With vast experience in handling dry bulk solid and filling volume efficiency through gravity discharge and/or pneumatic container filling systems, MACTEX’s Container Loading System fills up dry powder and granular including sugar, grain and woodchips effectively.

Gravity Discharge

Container Tilter with 90֯ ergonomic ability to improve filling efficiency and reduce transport costs.

Pneumatic Container Filling System

Well-engineered Pneumatic Blower with Dosing Equipment, Telescopic Loading Gun, Fine Extraction System or Fine Recovery System to achieve zero waste benchmark.

Container Unloading System

MACTEX provides cost effective unloading capacity with reduced waiting times of unloading process. Essentially, the Container Unloading System handles and discharge dry bulks and materials from container to the storage quicker and safer. i.e. Storage Silo.