Equipment & Parts

Inventory Stock Control Solution (IBC)

Stock inventory in MACTEX's system covers traceability of raw material usage & production output from records in spreadsheets with detailed recording time to time; this would enable tally of raw material used against stock control department.

Bag slitter

Auto cut with quality sifting of debris and empty bags to ensure only raw materials to be feeding into the downstream

Densification Deck
Increase compaction of bulk material while packing
Intermediate Bulk Container System
IBC as temporary storage, suitable for various mixing ingredient storages
Load Cell
Core components of weighing system to be installed physically on tank; very sensitive component and special cares needed to protect this component
Check Weigher
Counter check on weight presented to the system
Tanker Loading
Feeding of material by gravity for domestic transporation
Level Sensor
As level indication within storage & equipment; act as level check & safety interlock
Weight Indicator
Display of weight transmitting from signal of material within tanks