Equipment & Parts

Mechanical Conveying System

When it is compared with pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying can handle larger production rates. Blended materials that have components with differing bulk densities, will not stratify with bulk conveying. Mechanical conveying is effective in moving wet products

Screw Conveyor
Screw Conveyor as a dosing equipment allows accurate feed of quantity and amount of material to downstream; suitable to be installed at constraint space, short distance, and higher moisture condition. Angle of screw Conveyor can vary based on requirement; Frequency inverter would be added for speed control; residual within Screw Conveyor is a disadvantage therefore not suitable if cross contamination for material is crucial
Vibrating Feeder
Very good equipment to transport lumpy material at shorter distance due to its construction & good dust control & hygienic concern. Rigid foundation needed on its installation or absorber shall be considered upon installation to minimize transmitting of vibration to the installation location.
Bucket Elevator
Very popular mechanical type conveyor to transport material from ground to the higher level (straight-up motion only) and suitable for high capacity throughput requirement with non-hygienic application. Bucket elevator commonly joint application with other mechanical type conveyor system to complete the transport route, like screw conveyor, etc.
Chain Hoist
Safe lifting equipment with electric motor control for transporting of heavy packing material vertically & horizontally; by means of remote control or wireless control pendant
Roller / Belt Conveyor
Roller / Belt Conveyor is common mechanical type conveying system. Advantages with high throughput without affecting its' particle with gentle movement on long distance. However, dust control on roller / belt conveyor requires more attention with higher maintenance lead time or greater downtime
Tubular Drag Conveyor
Mechanical moving parts internally with chain / cable / disc to move material within tubes; suitable for short distance installation. Hygienic design and application. Suitable to convey Friable and Abrasive materials. However, it is considered last choice those who is concern on purchase price
Flexible Screw Conveyor
Using an auger-type motion in a flexible tube to move material, high flexibility; it can convey horizontally, incline and vertically.
~ Suitable for constrain space, flexible screw conveyor can be bent and adjusted to spaces
~ Suitable for hygienic environment